First Time Blog

Hi everyone, this is our very first blog post. We know that it must seem a little strange and maybe a little old fashion in today’s world that we are just now presenting our first post, but for us it is very exciting. We just launched our new website that has a blog page on it and so we wanted to try it out. We created the website ourselves using WordPress. It took a little time and patience to learn and figure out how to use the tools they provide. It seems to be a continued learning experience. We still have lots to add to the new site but we’re getting there. So please have a look around and let us know what you think so far. Drop us a line using our contact form or with a email or text message. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date on any new cleaning news and specials that we have. Well that about it for our first blog so please go out and have a great day and remember to stay clean.

Thanks again! Tom Eifler – Carpet Cleaning by Tom

1 thought on “First Time Blog

  1. Sandy Collom

    Just have to take a minute and shout about my beautiful carpets!!! We have used Tom before and he is always available, on time and does a good job. But this time he said he has a new machine and WOW what a difference it makes! The carpets look new and smell so fresh. We highly recommend Tom!
    Sandy in Norco

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